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My First Post & DIY Websites

Well, I guess I've joined the world of web blogging! Actually it was handy that there was a blog area on the website platform I had chose, and thought, what the hey. I've only spent 100+ hours on this process of creating a website, what's one more? Now I know why I was quoted $1,500-$2,000 for a website. They are a crap ton of work! Those who have done it, know what I'm talkin about! I also wanted to be able to update whenever I wanted and change things. I pick and choose my battles, this I could figure out and put the money towards a new window....

That being said, as with many things I do, I equate it to having a baby...long and painful while giving birth (well for me anyway) and then after it's done, hopefully only maintenance required, some tedious, some not. I chose as my host and web software, the main reason being I had started a free website with them 3 years ago, and I knew I needed an upgrade badly and after three years of doing weddings and events I now have many pictures to choose from. I upgraded to a paid plan and they have tons of online help. I'm sure Big D was wondering what I was doing all those hours sitting in front of the Dell. Lots of sorting photos and after a while like anything you look at for hours on end, everything starts to look the same. So I figured I better get'r done (as the TL'rs say, and finish the darn thing already while I have momentum. Hopefully WIX works out, it wasn't too bad of a learning curve, I think the most painful part was working on a 7 year old Dell computer, but I accomplished the task (ha ha Jake!)

Anywhoo, as you go through the site, all images are either from my shop, my inventory or events, no stock images here! Hopefully my skills in this area get honed in the next year as I have a full year ahead of "Making things pretty" . I plan to post every now and then on happenings in my world. I thought the above picture was fitting as some things never seem to disappear on the internet...Forever starts here. Yikes!

Carolyn xx

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